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As technology recruitment specialists, we’ve had many discussions with both the hiring community and job seekers throughout 2017. From skill shortages to new company policies here’s our summary of the technology hiring landscape and how we’ve coped with these challenges over the past year.


Firstly, the skills gap within cyber security across different geographies, industries and seniority levels has proved a challenge for many businesses. As organisations look to improve their internal defence procedures the need for specialist security engineers and architects has become increasingly apparent. Organisations who employ these individuals understand the value of their skills and therefore, pay very competitive salaries to retain them. This means it’s harder for smaller companies needing to invest in these skills to attract new candidates.

Another challenge is the increased policies and procedures many companies have implemented making it harder to contact technology professionals. Social media has continued to be a good communication method, however, many security engineers and architects rarely check their inboxes, and when they do they have hundreds of people contacting them about new opportunities. It’s also meant contacting hiring managers has been harder. With new policies meaning they can only use recruiters who are on their PSL or who have previously worked with the company, rather than working with new, specialised technology recruitment advisors. For many hiring managers this means they don’t have access to the best technology specialists.

We’ve also found as companies have expanded into new territories and implemented new technologies, sourcing sales teams has proven challenging since businesses need professionals who can understand evolving technology. For example, within the container security market 2017 has seen a huge spike in companies adopting new and innovative approaches to securing infrastructure in the cloud, so much so that security teams can’t keep up! With transactional sales now a thing of the past, organisations are screaming out for ‘solutions’ driven sales professionals who have sold into either the SOC departments or the CERT manager. Furthermore, with GDPR fast approaching companies will start to rely on MSSP’s and we will see a spike in 2018 for skilled professionals to work with leaders in the MSSP market.


To combat some of these challenges we employ a very skilled and dedicated research team, to re-think how we (and the industry) should operate differently. We’ve invested a lot of time building and nurturing our talent pool so we need to rely less on social media to contact candidates. We now have access to an available group of skilled candidates who can add real and lasting value to new organisations. We’ve worked with hiring managers and organisations to challenge new policies and discuss why working with new, specialised recruiters is important to ensure they have the top talent. We’ve also implemented different ways to attract new candidates to ensure in a skill led market our clients have the best talent available. To find out about new opportunities email and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.