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Last week myself and Scott Simons attended CyberTech Israel. The three day conference/exhibition gathered global technology companies alongside start-ups to discuss new innovations and listen to leaders within the cyber security industry. Throughout the conference we met some of our international clients and candidates whilst hearing about new cyber security developments, here are some of our key takeaways.  


There are a range of new cyber security start-ups who are trying to simplify how companies can tackle cybercrime by offering new innovations, training and step by step guides. In particular Seimplify was a standout start up, offering straight forward and very simple solutions to Security Orchestration that even complete cyber novices could follow. We’re predicting to see great things from them over the next 18 months.


Another hot topic was investments for cyber security start-ups. With economic uncertainties and GDPR around the corner, investment is becoming more difficult to obtain which is adding increased pressure on companies to grow their security skills organically. Therefore, it’s more important than ever for businesses to recruit top talent in a truly cost effective manner so they can rely on internal capabilities.

Added revenues;

As many companies are looking for new revenues VAR and SI’s are becoming increasingly important for companies looking to increase revenues in new accounts. The simplification and cost effective nature of the new innovations in cyber markets has now opened up opportunities for companies in the SMB/Mid-Market, offering new challenges in terms of personnel who have experience in these markets.

Finding talent in new markets:

After numerous conversations, it became apparent that as companies attempt to create revenue in new locations around the world, their ‘network’ can only stretch so far. Also companies have realised with different cultures, security laws and ways of working it’s not always possible to give current employees responsibilities across numerous geographical locations. Throughout the event it seemed many of my conversations were focused around how to hire in locations where there was previously no traction or clients.  

Overall the event was a great success. Hearing thoughts from, and meeting industry leaders has helped widen our knowledge and connections within the industry. If you would like to discuss this event or hear how Cognatio Solutions can help you, please contact; and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.