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The average UK adult will spend over 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime. This doesn’t include overtime, working through lunch and potential changes to the retirement age. According to a YouGov survey only 62% of British workers like or love their job. Considering we’re in a candidate led market we thought this figure would be higher. With January being the most popular time to think about a career change, we’ve outlined some key advice - whether you’re looking for a new role or simply looking for your next challenge.

Explore internal options;

If you want to start the New Year with a new challenge however, like working for your current employer, speak with your manager to see if there are any internal opportunities available. Maybe you need to take on extra responsibility to keep you motivated. Or perhaps you need to work in a different team to meet new people. Many employees can feel un-challenged due to the repetitive nature of some roles, or can feel undervalued since they aren’t given extra responsibilities. Job rotation could solve this problem, however, without discussing this with your manager or fellow employees nothing will change which could lead to you changing companies completely.

Personal development;

Take part in a training course either through work or in your own time, this could range from learning a new skill such as coding, or doing a management training course. Both these will help you develop your career and personal growth and could lead to you finding a passion for a new career or industry. When deciding on a course remember to evaluate the time and cost commitments to check it’s manageable. Also speak to your employer as they may be able to support with study leave or funding.

Speak to us;

At Cognatio Solutions we offer un-biased, confidential career advice. We can help you understand the industry and what employers are looking for. We’ll listen to your challenges within your current role and give our expert advice to help you reach your career aspirations. Even if you’re not looking for a new role it’s extremely valuable to speak with industry leaders to evaluate the market and get advice on how to futureproof your career.

We hope our key pieces of advice help you weigh up possible options for you and your career in 2018. For a lot of people January is the time they reflect on last year’s achievements and evaluate what they want to achieve this year, therefore, make sure you set some goals so you have something to refer to over the next 12 months. For a confidential chat or to find out about new opportunities email and don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter