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For many, technology and the magnitude of variables falling under this title have associated terms such as vision, innovation and progression. And while progressive technological ideas appear far-fetched when first surfacing many become tangible sooner rather or later. One of the truest examples is artificial intelligence (AI), the technology that makes sense of Big Data.

While Hollywood movies and sci-fi fanatics enjoy depicting AI as human-like robots threatening to take over the western world, the reality of its evolution stems from the increasing benefits that it has delivered to a growing number of industries. Propagation has been driven by multiple occurrences: data volumes expanding; ever advancing algorithms; and consistent improvement in computing power and storage. 

As explained by SAS the evolution of AI can be split into three periods. Firstly, in the 1950s - 1970s there were the early dealings and explorations of neural networks: computer systems modelled on the human brain and nervous system. Secondly, during the 1980s - 2010 rumblings of Machine Learning (ML) began to cement. As a subset of AI, ML essentially sees computers learning and predicting data without needing to be explicitly programmed. Finally, post 2010, the term “Deep Learning” has been the most prominent topic in the field of AI - a term to reflect artificial neural networks in their quest for advanced pattern recognition. Deep Learning is the intelligence beneath some of today’s most innovative movements: autonomous cars, virtual microgrids, predictive drug development etc.

Some of the main benefits AI can have on business includes:

- The ability to analyse more and deeper data

- Improved data accuracy

- The ability to automate repetitive learning and discovery through data

- Increased intelligence

All of which mean there is a great area of interest at Cognatio Solutions in which AI has previously, is currently, and will continue to disrupt…Digital Marketing. 

Without question AI has already began to disrupt digital marketing. Through vendors continuously producing technology and the growth of agency reliance, AI is for the many an unstoppable trend that will continue to do disrupt the landscape. Marketers across growing industries are experiencing increasing confidence in its application - previous scepticism and reluctancy have been surpassed with eagerness and necessity. We believe the three most noteworthy areas to consider when gauging the AI’s impact on the space are:

User experience improvement

For many companies standing out from their competitors can be one of their largest challenges. By using AI customer’s user experience can be drastically improved. AI can predict customer behaviour patterns, understand their persona and their typical search cycle. This is a huge benefit for many companies as customers are increasingly expecting a personalised user experience. Also, as more companies are using content marketing to attract customers, AI could improve content marketing campaigns and utilise ROI. 

Power in the prediction!

With an AI-empowered digital marketing approach, “predictive marketing” is one of strongest benefits for a company’s digital marketing objectives. Many customers do not search the internet in a linear or logical way: they tend to hop from one webpage to another. By using AI, user searching can be tracked more efficiently, and an improved marketing approach can be applied. AI-empowerment means digital marketing campaigns are now targeting more relevant audiences, finding individuals based on interests, activity, demography and so on. AI helps marketer’s reach the right audience at the right time – an invaluableness for any organisation trying to sell.

Image recognition

AI-powered techniques have made unprecedented improvements around identifying and analysing images. With the explosion of social media there is a growing magnitude of photos being shared globally: roughly 3.25 billion photos are shared every day. While previous technology could only identify isolated objects, AI goes much further. With the capacity to pinpoint consumer patterns, behaviours, faces and in some cases emotions (see Amazon Rekognition’s brainchild), AI offers marketers and businesses another prosperous avenue by understanding who is buying, what they are buying and where in the world are they buying.

At Cognatio Solutions, we’re going to great depths in ensuring that we understand and can help guide our technology partners in this ever-increasing, pivotal environment. If you would like to discuss how Cognatio Solutions could positively affect your company's hiring plans, or if you’re a candidate looking to explore new opportunities please email: