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After the success of our last blog ‘How to write the best CV’ we’ve thought about some of the other key questions we frequently get asked as recruitment specialists. One of which is how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. In a digital world many recruiters and hiring managers go straight to LinkedIn to find out more about potential candidates, therefore, we’ve outlined some key hints and tips on how to make your profile stand out.

Add a personal touch

One reason hiring managers use LinkedIn is to find out additional information not highlighted on a candidate’s CV. Therefore, add something that makes you stand out and memorable for example any volunteer experiences you’ve had or what you’re passionate about outside of work.

Ask for recommendations and manage endorsements

When working with new stakeholders or finishing large pieces of work make sure you ask for recommendations. This will give gravitas to your key strengths and achievements whilst highlighting your network to potential employers. Whilst recommendations are great, make sure you manage your endorsements. Ensure people are endorsing you for skills that are relevant to your role and future career opportunities.

Back up your experience

Whilst your LinkedIn profile can act as an extension to your CV it also needs to stand alone and sell your skills to hiring managers when your CV isn’t present. Therefore, include figures and statistics for what you’ve achieved and try to focus on results and outcomes. This will help you stand out amongst other candidates and give hiring managers a reason to get in touch.

Get a custom URL

LinkedIn automatically sets your URL when first joining. Sometimes this can consist of random numbers and letters which can make your profile harder to find. Therefore, make sure you change this to your name. To do this from your profile page, click on ‘edit public profile & URL’ in top right corner and then again in the top right you’ll be able to change your URL. When edited click save.

Use a professional photo

Remember LinkedIn is a professional networking site and your profile photo needs to reflect this. If you’re unsure what photo to use look at the companies you want to work for and mirror the style of photo they use. Some prefer photos of you in action whilst others might use photos with a location background. 

We hope you’ve found these hints and tips helpful. If you’d like further advice from one of our specialists or to get feedback on your LinkedIn profile please email Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to hear regular industry news and find out about the projects we’re working on.