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Ryan Wall



Previously we’ve discussed our key hints on tips on writing the best CV and how to make your LinkedIn profile stand out. For the last blog in this series we’ve outlined our key advice on how best to prepare and perform in an interview. Face to face interviews can be daunting for anyone, therefore, we’ve outlined some of our key hints and tips to help you succeed.


Most candidates spend time researching the company and understanding the job description, however, forget to research their interviewers. Make sure you understand your interviewer’s role within the company, where they’ve previously worked and any mutual connections you have. This will help build and shape conversations. Also, when researching the company make sure you don’t just focus on what they’ve achieved but also their targets and growth plans for the future. Analyse key competitors and make suggestions on where the company could improve based on market trends.

Review your body language

From the minute you walk into the company building it’s important to review your body language and make the best first impression. When in reception don’t turn up in trainers and change in the cloakroom or sit in the waiting room on your phone, your interviewer could be around the corner watching how you present yourself. Throughout the interview ensure you’re sitting straight, don’t have your arms folded, show your listening and most importantly, make sure you smile.

Tell them something to remember

Employers may interview numerous candidates with similar skills and experience for the same role. Therefore, try to stand out. When introducing yourself mention a couple of key work achievements (backed up with statistics) but also mention something personal. For example, if you’ve won any volunteering awards or any sports you’re passionate about, the more exciting the better. This shows employers what you’re interested in outside of work and gives them something extra to remember you by.

Ask questions

There’s nothing worse than sitting in silence at the end of the interview when being asked if you have any questions. Make sure you prepare questions not just relating to the role. Some of the key questions we advise candidates to ask include; ‘What does success look like in this role.’ ‘What’s the culture and dynamics like in the team.’ ‘Where do you see this role progressing in the future.’ ‘What are the key challenges this position will face.’

Interviews aren’t designed to trick you, ultimately employers want to see the best of you so try to relax. We hope you’ve found this helpful and you’re now ready to ace your next interview. If you would like further support our specialist consultants can advise and support you throughout the interview process for more information contact Also don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to hear regular industry news and find out about the projects we’re working on.